Contract for an MSO? We can integrate your work flows with the MSO to optimize efficiency.
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TSX™ MSO for Contractors

Our TSX™ MSO-C System (Multiple System Operator - Contractor) is the first supply chain system designed for the specific needs of the cable service contractor operations. The TSX™ MSO-C system tracks and validates cable CPE, Materials, and Assets with real-time enterprise-wide inventory visibility at the contractor or technician level.
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TSX™ MSO for Contractors

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Multiple Facility, Division, & Site Support
Billing system integration
Fully supported multiple Serial, MAC, Port Address Tracking

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If you are a contractor with a field staff of contractor technicians, you know the early-morning chaos of issuing, returning, and accounting for technicians’ inventory. The system is specifically designed to handle the early morning volume as the staff arrives and loads-up for their daily routes and appointments. Not only does TSX™ facilitate the real-time scanning of the assets moving inbound and outbound, but it also generates a paperless asset transfer receipt (tech report) that is immediately emailed to the technician’s smartphone – a tremendous savings in paper alone. Digital signature capture is having trouble standing up in situations where chain of custody is in dispute, so TSX™ uses an encrypted security PIN assigned to each technician to execute the acceptance of assets (sign-off).

In installations where you have a secure network connection to the MSO, the TSX™ API integration module may be implemented to provide real-time validation of equipment readiness for installation, thereby removing the chance that equipment from the MSO may be in the wrong status to initialize upon installation at the account.

Assets being sent back to the MSO are tracked and palletized, and advance shipping notices are available to be delivered to the MSO. Likewise, TSX™ supports inbound ASN for the equipment being shipped to your facilities from the MSO.

TSX™ provides real-time equipment aging at the technician level to maintain accountability and possible penalties from the MSO. The equipment aging clock may be reset at the item level (equipment serial number) by authorized personnel.

Real-time data is collected for all transactions by User ID, Date, Time (down to the second), and related data for each transaction recorded (i.e. MSO inbound shipment receipts, MSO return equipment shipments, issue to tech, return from tech, move equipment to account (may be automated), on-demand technician inventory, more…). Automatic email triggers alert management to business rule violations and may also be configured to provide automated distribution of critical inventory and transaction reports. The TSX™ system provides extensive query capabilities against the real-time data, with multiple filters and criteria that may be applied. All results are displayed for viewing/printing and may be exported to Excel or PDF.

As with all of Wireless Data Systems' solutions, the data becomes a goldmine of information that allows all levels of our client's management to take a proactive position in running their business
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