Self-Install Kits are a great alternative to phone calls and truck rolls...but only if the process works.
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TSX™ SIK Solutions

Self-install kits (SIKs) are a tricky proposition. On one hand, SIKs are a great way to fulfill new customer installs and carry out existing equipment swaps and upgrades. It puts the customer in control and saves your company significant fulfillment and provisioning costs by eliminating customer calls and truck rolls. Sounds good, right?

But if you do not have the systems to support timely order fulfillment, provisioning, and activation, the process will break. At each break, you can expect to hear from the customer, who will understandably be frustrated. If the customer is unable to install an activated product, you are now forced to take on the very cost of the truck roll you were expecting to avoid. A failed SIK experience will be costly to your company in the forms of time, money, and dissatisfied customers.

SIK involves multiple systems and entities working in one seamless process.

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TSX™ SIK Solutions

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Complete process tracking from order intake through customer activation
Billing system integration for equipment provisioning and account activation
Seamless integration with 3rd party fulfillment, enterprise inventory systems, and transportation providers
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A major US cable operator had a dilemma: they needed to convert millions of analog customers to digital. Using current methods for customer upgrades, this process would have taken years to complete at an unjustifiable cost.

WDS built an end-to-end solution. From CPE purchasing, warehousing, and staging to fulfillment and customer activation, the process was seamless to both the cable operator and to their customers. The digital conversion was timely and in-budget thanks in large part to WDS' SIK and TSX™ products.

WDS has since been brought back to expand their SIK program to include a full CPE product range from complex video and IP products, down to simple remote controls.

The WDS SIK solution supports real-time transactions and data exchange with multiple billing, provisioning, warehousing, and 3PL vendor systems and tools.

If you are embarking on an SIK program, see how WDS can make the process efficient before you go down the wrong path.
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