Whether it’s a one-off special event or an ogoing production, WDS’ TSX™ Event and Hospitality systems can ensure everyting goes without a hitch.
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TSX™ Event Management

TSX™ Event Management & Hospitality Modules:


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Multi-Corporation Support
Multi-Property Support
Multi-Facility Support
Multi-Host Integration
Out-Sourced Warehouse Support
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TSX™ Event Management system is a full-feature solution providing accountability, chain of possession, and security of all assets and materials utilized in executing an event. The user can track asset and material allocation to multiple jobsites within one event, such as multiple Sporting Event parties at different venues.

Since most events have a mixture of valuable assets and consumable items/supplies, the TSX™ Event Management system includes fast and efficient processes for tracking both. Sensitive items may be secured with serialized, tamper-proof, locking seals which are recorded and tracked by the system. For complex events with multiple activities leading up to the event, such as training of staff, cleaning or preparation of assets, construction, etc., the system supports the segmentation of these sub-events that make up the complete event life-cycle, as well as the tracking of assets and supplies for these sub-event activities.

Delivery of assets and supplies is handled by system functions that assign delivery trucks, create delivery routes with designated jobsites, and record proof-of-delivery transactions – providing real-time confirmation that assets and supplies were allocated to the jobsite, loaded for delivery, and delivered. Collection centers that allow assets to be returned to a preliminary destination before being returned to the principal warehouse are easily coordinated within the system. Critical items that are expected at the collection centers during post-event tear-down are scanned as received and shown via system dashboards that graphically display the real-time receiving. These dashboards provide management with a real-time accountability and chain of possession of the assets as they are being returned to the remote centers, or the primary warehouse. A complete event reconciliation then provides the final tally of assets deployed and recovered.
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