You've heard the old adage, garbage in/garbage out?

At WDS we strive for perfection in/perfection out.

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WDS Data Collection


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Speed and accuracy
Ease of use and trainability
Integrate multiple data collection technologies
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WDS is all about enabling our clients’ ability to collect real-time data with speed and accuracy via our end-to-end supply chain solutions. The data collected by our TSX™ systems represents a goldmine of information that delivers a visual representation of their operations’ strengths and weaknesses. The data also paints a picture of the work force’s ability to execute their tasks with speed and efficiency, as well as their ability (or willingness) to perform tasks with responsibility and accountability. Our systems provide a visual chain-of-custody of all inventory movement – the current location, disposition, and quantity – and when serialized, a complete historical life-cycle of specific items. The TSX™ solutions are designed to provide real-time data as the first priority, but also supports the store-and-forward model of data collection when it is not possible or economical to connect to the network.

Another key priority is that our systems must enable data collection with ease and ‘trainability.’ The environment which our systems automate involve user communities that are, many times, technology illiterate, or even technology ‘hostile.’ It’s also typically an area of the organization with a high rate of turnover in the workforce. Therefore, the solution and technology we deliver is easy to use for non-computer people and people whose native language may not be English. And just as important, our client must be able to train staff in a matter of hours, not days. The average training sessions for some of our most complex systems are completed in a single morning or afternoon training session.

We’ve spent 25+ years delivering solutions with this mindset. Even though we are always embracing the newest technologies, we only recommend certain technologies when it is clear our clients and clients’ employees can support the technology. To see how this goldmine of data is put to work, please visit our Data Management page.
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