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WDS Field Ops

For years, WDS wanted to provide our clients with field operations with our real-time data capabilities. The broadband infrastructure was just not there. We're real-world folks. We understand where technology works and where it does not. Due to the limited (or unreliable) coverage, we provided store-and-forward (“batch”) mobile solutions for our clients with field data collection needs. Via simple scans of manifest or delivery truck barcodes, the solution populated the mobile device with the local validation data. The applications provided accurate data collection with real-time validation, and once back to the mothership, the mobile devices automatically sync'd up the data.

Today, the limitations are gone. For example, in the elections space, our mobile apps confirm that assets are being delivered to the proper precincts. In the cruise industry, we confirm that shipping containers shipped from the TSX™ CLS arrive intact at the port and the pallets make it to the vessel. Our TSX™ systems exploit today’s broadband technology…while still providing the safety net of batch processing if/when that technology fails.

We live in a connected world, and TSX™ facilitates the real-time access to data for every requirement of Field Ops. And in the rare case where connectivity is lost, TSX™ (at the mothership) and TSX™ Mobile execute a seamless store-and-forward capability as needed - completely transparent to the user.
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