Whether servicing internal or external customers, WDS manages orders to deliveries and everything in between.
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TSX™ Order Management Systems

At the core, TSX™ Order Management Systems drive fulfillment. The advantage is a comprehensive solution…

From virtual storefronts and material handling to fulfillment and reporting, TSX™ OMS provides a complete set of tools and solutions to make the process seamless to the enterprise and to customers.

The WDS OMS Advantage

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TSX™ OMS Solutions

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Full suite of order processing tools for online or brick-and-mortar solutions
Full inventory management and controls
Best-in-class WMS and fulfillment systems integration
Real-time reporting and dashboards to respond to real-world situations
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WDS recently completed a large warehouse consolidation project for a client. The company was consolidating 30+ regional warehouses into one centralized operation. Within a very short time frame, WDS was tasked to not only improve warehouse and inventory processes, but to create a centralized solution to accept and process product orders for the company’s internal customers.

Before the WDS implementation, the client’s orders were often captured in rudimentary spreadsheets – or even handwritten at times. It was estimated that over 80 different manual order processes were being used. This allowed for no order tracking capability and many orders were lost or never completed. The goal was to automate all of these separate processes into one centralized system.

Within a year, WDS implemented a user-friendly OMS with comprehensive tools and controls. The system now manages the flow of products in and out of their centralized warehouse to the company's customers.

The initial solution was implemented by WDS using the customer’s legacy tools and systems. WDS is now in the process of expanding the scope of the OMS to replace the legacy systems with a seamless solution directly linked to their warehouse and inventory.
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